Barn Dance & Ceilidh band for weddings, parties and functions in and around Bristol

Frequently asked Questions

Q What’s a barn dance, and what’s a ceilidh

A. In England we generally use either of these terms to mean the same thing. They both mean  a dance with traditional music and a ‘caller’ who explains the dances, and calls them through while the band is playing.

Q. Do people need to know how to dance?

A. No. The dances will all be talked through by our caller before you start. You’ll get a chance to walk through the shapes before the music starts, and you’ll be reminded what comes next while you’re dancing. Unless you’re all experts, we always start with some simple dances, and they’re all good fun.

Q. Can anyone have a go?

A. Anyone who is reasonably physically active can join in. As far as getting the hang of the dances, all ages seem to be equally able.

Q. How should I run the evening?

A. Most people start off with some dancing once enough people have arrived. There’s generally a break for food/raffle/rest/chatting at some point in the evening (we can play some recorded music over the PA during the break, either your own or we can provide some). Then there’s usually more dancing until the finish time. Remember, it’s your event so you can decide the schedule. Just let the caller know how you’d like the evening to be organised, or if you need to change the timings of breaks during the evening. Some people like a fixed plan, others leave it to our caller to judge the best time for a break.

Q. What do I need to provide?

A. The band comes with a caller and a sound engineer with his own equipment. We’ll need power points, some chairs, and a small table for the mixing desk. It’s helpful for us to know in advance if you’re planning to provide us with food or drinks - we hate it if we’ve eaten a hurried beans on toast before leaving home only to be invited to join in with a delicious spread during the evening!

Q. How do I book the band.

A. Just give us a ring (number below) or email the details of your event via our contact page. We’ll need to check with each band member, the caller and the sound engineer before coming back to you with availability, so bear with us.

Q. What happens after we’ve booked you.

A. We’ll get in touch a week or two before your event to check final arrangements for access. On the day, we’ll need access at least one hour (preferably 90 minutes) before the start so that we can set up and do a sound check.

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