Barn Dance & Ceilidh band for weddings, parties and functions in and around Bristol

Dave - Guitar and mandola

Dave is a wizz on all manner of stringed instruments, but he only has a small car so tends not to bring them all with him.

Jethro - Accordion and calling

Jethro is working hard at dispelling the myth that men can’t multi-task. He plays accordion and calls the dances, and somehow manages to do both of these at the same time.

Kath - Melodeon and mandolin

Kath is working hard at dispelling the myth that all women are good at multi-tasking. All she can say while playing the melodeon is “grmph”.

Simon - Fiddle and recorder

Simon plays fiddle and recorder, and sometimes improvises so far from the tune that we begin to wonder if he’ll ever come back.

Vicky - Fiddle and percussion

Vicky plays fiddle and percussion, and manages to keep the rest of us in order - possibly the most challenging job in the band.

We’ve been playing music together for many years, and have played for barn dances, ceilidhs, fund-raising events, Burns nights, weddings and birthday parties. We generally play with four or five of the band members below.

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Call Dave on 01225 421 892